Alpine Hits The Track With The 300-Horsepower A110 Rally Car

It’s no secret that Alpine’s rally-oriented blood runs thick; the French company boasts an extensive list of lauded dirt-track racers that have earnt nearly every accolade in the industry. Now, the company has revealed the A110 Rally, a competition version of the revitalized platform that looks to take on FIA R-GT homologation.

The Alpine A110 Rally is a well-performing beast on and off the track and acts as the third vehicle released under the company’s resurrected A110 line to make its appearance in the competitive circuit. To give the car a leg up on its peers, the manufacturer has teamed up with Signatech to implement a lightweight aluminum chassis from the GT4, performance-oriented Brembo brakes, and a three-way hydraulic suspension system to soak up all that inclement terrain that the circuit has to offer. Below the hood, you’ll find a powerful 1.8-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine, complemented by a modified torque curve and sequential six-speed gearbox, allowing the vehicle to reach 300 horsepower. The first homologated platforms are slated to reach consumers by early 2020, and with a starting price of around $165,430, we’re sure that prospective buyers and teams are keen to take a deeper dive into the rally-oriented A110.

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