Alpine A110 Coupe

It’s been awhile since the French car manufacturer Alpine released a new vehicle for the enjoyment of the car community. In fact, over two decades have passed since anything came out of the Alpine shop. Thankfully, this year’s Geneva Motor Show marks an end to such a drought with the all new Alpine A110, a redux of the famed French sports car from the ’70s

Set to launch in an edition that’s limited to 1,955 vehicles, this number makes the car quite the exclusive build for lucky buyers and alludes to the year in which Alpine first opened their doors for business. The ride features a full aluminum platform and body for combined weight saving and agility along with a turbocharged, 300HP four-cylinder Renault engine allowing the ride to hit 62mph in 4.5 seconds. It’s also available in blue, white, or black depending on your personal preference for the retro-inspired car. Unfortunately, Alpine doesn’t plan on making this ride available in the U.S. at this time so it looks like you’ll have to travel abroad to get your hands on this little coupe with a starting price of $62,000.