Alpina AlpinerX Outdoors Smartwatch

As time goes by, we’re seeing more and more watch makers start to incorporate smart technology into their offerings. In fact, the market is getting kind of swamped. And that means it has gotten much more difficult for brands to create smartwatches that stand out from the crowd. Lucky for Swiss brand, Alpina, their new AlpinerX outdoor-focused smartwatch is one such offering.

What’s really cool about this timepiece is that it’s not strictly a smartwatch. In fact, it features an MMT-283-1 quartz hybrid movement – with ticking hands on the traditional-style dial and everything. But, along with timeless good looks, it also boasts plenty of contemporary tech under the hood, like Bluetooth app connectivity that offers things such as activity tracking, connected GPS (piggybacking on your phone’s tech), smart alarms, a sleep monitor, call and text notifications, and so much more. It even features a neat UV sensor, which can tell the user in concrete terms how much sun they’re being exposed to. And all of that can function for up to 2 years without needing a recharge. Finally, this fiberglass hybrid smartwatch is water-resistant to 100 meters and can be ordered in a whopping 3,200 different customizable color combinations. Pre-order it on Kickstarter now for $555+ or wait for the $995+ retail price.

Kickstarter: $555+