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Alpha Tiny House by New Frontier

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Jul 21, 2016

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Shipping containers converted into tiny homes have been all the rage recently. They’re like the industrial warehouse-turned loft of the tiny-home world. New Frontier Homes has given that same rectangular design with their barn inspired Alpha Tiny House.

Aside from the rural look of this small 240 sq. foot home (24 by 8.6 feet), what sets it apart from so many others on the market is the fact that it includes some key items inside the home that don’t usually make the cut in other tiny houses. Primary among which is a full sized jacuzzi tub and shower. Who said downsizing came hand in hand with giving up baths? Maybe more impressive than that is the inclusion of a large eight person dining table in the middle of the home. Stored in a hideaway under the tiled kitchen, this table and accompanying bench seats slide out and fold up for entertaining your friends. For a little extra space during balmy summer days, the glass windows and large sliding garage door open up to make the main kitchen area a large and enjoyable open air room. Prices for one of these striking homes starts at $79,000. [Purchase]

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