Alpa 12 Plus Camera

In the world of large and medium format photography, Swiss camera manufacturer Alpa is as innovative as they come. They’ve brought large format shift photography (and video) to the consumer market without having to buy into much larger platforms such as Alexa and Hasselblad — and now, they’ve introduced the Alpa 12 Plus, a shifting camera system that’s perfect for medium and large format digital backs.

The 12 Plus will feature a wide range of customizable options, with the ability to dial in planal shifts in either vertical or horizontal space, and four individually adjustable circular bubble levels to help keep things lined up. It utilizes a precise 20mm movement with brass linear guides, click stops, and a mechanism that utilizes smooth adjustment in any direction. The 18x18cm camera is milled from a single aluminum block and optimized for use with Alpa 12 bodies like the SWA, TC, STC, and MAX. With these utility upgrades, Alpa has also included shock-absorbant standards that protect the lens and digital back should the Plus’ mechanisms give way.

Purchase: $6,975