WheelEasy Folding Wheelbarrow

Some products seem to have become so deeply rooted in our mental catalogues that they appear immutable. Their intractability in our cultural catalogue ultimately prohibits us from thinking of them as products to be innovated or improved upon. It takes a bold move from a company to break the mold. Allsop has revolutionized the conventional wheelbarrow with the Allsop Wheeleasy Folding Wheel Barrow.

It was a relatively simple redesign. By taking the hard pontoon shape of the typical metal wheelbarrow, and remaking it with fabric, Allsop has created a wheelbarrow that is a portable and durable product for the outdoors. Unlike the rusty old wheelbarrow that we’re used to, the Wheeleasy can flatten and fold up, so that you can hang it up in your garage. Little more than two metal poles with curved handles, which meet at a single, central wheel, and a rugged piece of fabric to form the bed, one is inclined to wonder why no one thought of this sooner. The natural flexibility of the fabric automatically centers the load in the bed, ensuring you won’t accidentally dump it all over your garden. The handles are even covered with a thick foam, so that they won’t become hot and untouchable on a sunny day. Allsop has taken it upon themselves to make that iconoclastic alteration to an age-old product, and we are reaping the reward.

Purchase: $120