AllRover Stair Rover Longboard

Whoever said urban surfing would never come to fruition obvious didn’t expect AllRover to break into the scene. This is their flagship product, the Stair-Rover, and it’s as fun to ride as it is to admire. Featuring eight wheels pieced together by a thermoplastic chassis with shock absorbers, there’s almost nothing this longboard can’t conquer. Yes, even stairs.

Each of the wheels are made from 60mm 80a super-high rebound urethane connected to custom 50-degree aluminum trucks for more agility and turning capacity. The ply maple deck features a handle for easy carrying when not cruising the city streets, and it weighs in at 9-pounds so if you do have to carry it around for a few it won’t be backbreaking work. Take the Stair Rover to work, cruise around the town, and even hit a staircase or two. You’ll be amazed at how smooth of a ride this board offers. Check out the video below. It’s available now online for $250. [Purchase]