All Time Multi-Tool Belt

Not having the right tools when the situation calls for it sucks. A lot. Yeah, we all have our screwdrivers, wrenches, knives, and multi-tools, but if you forget to bring one or all of them with you before you head out the door in the morning, you can be up a creek without a paddle by the afternoon. Thankfully, Fix Manufacturing’s All Time Belt make it easy to have the right tools at the right contraption.

Designed by Tony Zentil, an avid skateboarder, bicyclist, and snowboarder, each of the three multitools – the Powder Pliers, the Board Sword, and the Wheelie Wrench – are equipped with activity specific gadgets. Instead of having to pack a bunch of tools before you hit the slopes or jump on the bike, thanks to Zentil’s system, all you have to do is slide the right set into your belt and get going. Each set includes at least 7 different tools for tightening loose bolts, filing down boards, or popping tires off of wheels so you can be confident that no matter what the trail throws at you, you can take it on without a sweat. Right now you can get your own pair starting for around $25. [Purchase]

The All Time Belt And Multi-Tools 0

The All Time Belt And Multi-Tools 1

The All Time Belt And Multi-Tools 2