All-Electric 1978 Ferrari 308 GTS Targa

Every single day we get a step closer to electric-powered everything and we move just a bit further from traditional fossil fuels. Today marks another move in that direction, with the unveiling of this 1978 308 GTS Targa – the world’s first all-electric Ferrari.

Made by California-based company Electric GT, this reimagining of a classic is certainly going to crane some necks, be that with either excitement or horror. But, before you get upset, you should know that the original vehicle actually sustained serious fire damage before the conversion. That resto-conversion brought life back to this vehicle in the form of a new three-HPEVS AC-51 motor drivetrain, with a 5-speed G50 Porsche transaxle and limited-slip differential. Now, it doesn’t have the same growl as a petrol engine, but this one did get a big power boost up to about 330 horsepower (the original had 220 off the lot). Now it can hit 180 mph and does 0-62 in only five seconds. Unfortunately, for those that appreciate the modern tech with classic looks, this ride is already spoken for. You could always reach out to Electric GT for a custom job, however.

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