These 360° Stretch Microfiber Briefs Are The Comfiest Men’s Underwear Out There

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Considering that most guys spend the vast majority of their time wearing a pair of boxers or briefs, we’d argue investing in more premium high-performance pairs of men’s underwear is more than worth your while. Wanting to deliver a more refined take on traditional items, All Citizens has engineered the Paradise Pocket Briefs, a thoroughly modern pair of men’s underwear with a series of subtle features that collectively bolster comfort and performance.

The name of this over-engineered undergarment is owed to the “pouch” that keeps your package separated from your thighs, eliminating sticking and unwanted skin-to-skin contact while grippy elastic on the thighs of the briefs keep them firmly in place and prevent them from riding up. These briefs are crafted from an incredibly soft, ultra-lightweight performance microfiber construction with 360° stretch and moisture-wicking, quick-drying, and antimicrobial properties. The Paradise Pocket briefs also sport a quick-access horizontal fly and an array of signature mesh Breathe Zones that have been strategically located to allow for airflow and ventilation in key areas where guys sweat the most. In addition to producing the Paradise Pocket Briefs in standard fit in half-a-dozen color options, All Citizens also offers an athletic fit version in a trio of colors — all of which can be purchased in money-saving bulk orders in pairs of six or twelve for $99 and $189 respectively.

Purchase: $18+