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Alienware’s Nintendo-Inspired UFO Is A Handheld Console For PC Gamers

There’s no doubting that Nintendo’s Switch portable gaming console and it’s more-compact Switch Lite sibling are both smash hits. They’re so clever and successful, in fact, that Alienware has taken a page right out of Nintendo’s book for their latest concept, the UFO handheld gaming PC.

Akin in size, shape, and format to the full-sized Switch, this device is essentially a Windows 10-equipped tablet paired with dual, removable wireless gaming controllers. But it shares a lot more in common than just that. In fact, it can also dock to your television for full-screen HD gaming on top of functioning as a travel-friendly standalone. Of course, as it’s a PC gaming device, it should also be more powerful than Nintendo’s Switch — a sentiment seemingly confirmed by the existence of large back-mounted airflow ports and, therefore, a hefty onboard cooling system. There are still a lot of unanswered questions as to the capabilities and gaming library, but we’re definitely intrigued by this device and will be interested in seeing more in the coming months.

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