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Photogram’s 11MP ‘Alice’ AI Camera Is The Next Big Step In Mobile Photography

For many photographers, the progression of mobile capture has been a complex and daunting topic. With smartphones and smaller handheld devices rapidly approaching full-fledged camera systems in quality, clarity, and intuitiveness, it’s only a matter of time until we find ourselves questioning our larger, more cumbersome platforms. Now, thanks to Photogram.ai’s newly-introduced “Alice” Camera, the future of smartphone photography just became all-the-more apparent.

In an effort to bridge the gap between conventional capture systems and the smartphone genre, Photogram’s Alice features a camera-like body that mimics many of today’s handheld offerings. Instead of utilizing your phone’s lenses to snap the perfect photo, however, this unique device calls upon an 11-megapixel Micro Four Thirds sensor, interchangeable lenses, and intuitive AI to send pictures directly to your mobile companion. Throughout it all, your smartphone acts as the primary display for what you’re about to capture, allowing it to become an all-in-one tool for shooting, editing, and posting to online platforms. Head to Photogram’s website to put down a deposit on the Alice for around $64.

Purchase: $64