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This Hypercar Pays Homage To Alfa Romeo’s 1980s Montreal Vision GT

The original Alfa Romeo Montreal was an illustration of Italy’s aesthetic dominance, and for many of the 80s’ enthusiastic drivers, it was a symbol of the country’s commitment to timelessness. Inspired by his fond memories of the car as a child, designer Luca Serafini took it upon himself to recreate the iconic vehicle in an entirely new light — spotlighted here with the Vision GT concept.

While this iteration of Alfa Romeo’s lauded vehicle isn’t based in reality, a quick look at its awe-inspiring, stylistic bodywork, sleek lines, and futuristic layout will remind you of the undeniable charm associated with its predecessor. Much like a modernized aircraft, the Montreal Vision GT boasts an aerodynamic prowess that’s seemingly unparalleled — introducing various inlets, bladed wheels, and a low-slung suspension to keep it as close to the ground as possible. From the vehicle’s uncompromising Scudetto grille all the way to its blocky rear end, the Italian wonder is sure to reignite the automotive passion in all of us — and turn more than a few heads in the process.

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