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The Alfa Romeo Junior Zagato Is A Sleek Italian Sport Coupe Of The Future

Collaborations between automotive manufacturers aren’t out of the ordinary, but when it comes to two of the industry’s most prominent Italian outfits, we’ve been left to dream. Luckily, Rishi Soman and Siddhant Jaokar, a design duo from India, have decided to put their skills to use; and to the benefit of both Alfa Romeo and Zagato’s rabid fanbase, no less.

Soman and Jaokar have given us a glimpse at what it might look like if the legendary manufacturers were to collaborate on a futuristic project. The Alfa Romeo Junior Zagato, as it’s been dubbed, is inspired by both the Alfa Romeo GT 1300 Junior’s size and stature, offering onlookers an elaborative take on the slimline vehicle. To make the platform even more attractive, a refined front end, elongated hood, and angular bodywork have been implemented, while the addition of a triangular grille, narrow cabin, and sleek LED peripherals serve to refine the vehicle’s unique silhouette. A set of carbon fiber wheels — dressed in slick Pirelli rubber — keep the Junior Zagato grounded as it slices effortlessly through the air.

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