This Is The World’s First Lab-Grown Ribeye Steak & It’s 100% Real

If you’re trying to cut back on your meat consumption because of moral or environmental reasons and you’re not a fan of plant-based alternatives, then we have some good news. Israel-based Aleph Farms, in collaboration with The Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, has created the world’s first slaughter-free, cultivated ribeye steak

While there have been other lab-created meat products in the past, Aleph Farms’ cultivated ribeye steak represents a massive step forward in the space thanks to the technology used. This particular steak was created via 3D bioprinting of real living cow cells, a process that allows the cells to grow, differentiate, and interact as they would biologically. The end result is a steak with the same fat, musculature, vascularity — and hopefully, taste — as one that came from an animal. This production breakthrough will allow Aleph Farms to create steaks in any number of cuts, potentially paving the way toward a future where humans are no longer reliant on raising cattle for food.

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