Alen 55 Yacht

At what length does a boat become a yacht? 55 feet is certainly on the smaller side, but if any stuffy yacht club type looked down on the Alen 55, they’d be making a huge mistake.

The luxuriosity is something to behold here, with teak lining, leather interior wall panels and lacquered surfaces soothing the senses. Eight people can sit comfortably upstairs and enjoy the walk-around deck and customizable layout downstairs. Other niceties include a hidden, custom-made anchor mechanism, sunbed, and hydraulic gangway. A pair of 800hp Volvo engines drive the Alen 55, making this pleasure vessel capable of a cruising speed of 30 knots with 35 knot bursts when Miami Vice is on your tail. No word yet on a price or date, but we’re sure it’ll be revered wherever it docks. [Purchase]

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