Alchema Craft Cider Brewer

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be some chemistry nerd or bearded college student in order to brew your own cider. Thanks to the San Francisco based company Alchema, you can turn all that fruit you don’t eat into something more palatable, booze.

The way this thing works is, thankfully, pretty straightforward. Simply skim through the accompanying app to check out which recipe you’d like to use, let the Alchema body sanitize the pitcher, and then add your ingredients (fruit, sugar, water, and yeast). Once you have all of those ingredients in the pitcher, simply close it up and wait for the app to notify you when it is done one to two weeks later. The device will monitor air pressure, alcohol content, and the weight of the soon to be brew during the process. Prices start at $359. [Purchase]

Alchema Craft Cider Brewer 1

Alchema Craft Cider Brewer 2