AirType Keyless Keyboard

Gesture controlled devices have been a hot commodity on the tech scene, and it looks like they are only going to get hotter. We’ve been typing the same way for nearly 150 years, and AirType is looking to change that for good.

AirType is an amazing keyless keyboard that lets you type on any surface. Simply slide each of the bands over your palms, and begin to type away. The device will pick up on all your finger movements, and will even pick up on your bad habits to help correct them without you ever getting involved. Text prediction technology ensures that you’ll never have to hit the backspace again. Crowned the “keyless keyboard of the future,” AirType is currently in the production phase, and we are hoping to see this thing hit the retail scene by the end of the year. Check out the short video below.

AirType Keyless Keyboard 2

AirType Keyless Keyboard 3