Professional Electric Flying Car Racing Is Just Over The Horizon

Most of the automotive industry has begun the inevitable transition into all-electric power — including the racing world. But the folks at Airspeeder are looking beyond that into the future. Or rather, they’re bringing the future to us, as they’ve just announced that they’ll be pioneering a flying car racing league, set to commence in 2020.

This new, futuristic form of high-speed racing will hinge on the brand’s Airspeeder MK4 — an automotive-inspired, manned VTOL multicopter that has the same power-to-weight ratio as a fighter jet, courtesy of an ultralight construction and beefy 500kw battery. Unlike the racing drones the MK4 resembles, however, this carbon fiber flier will actually seat a flesh-and-blood pilot — upping the stakes and lending credence to the brand’s claim that this flying car race league will become “the world’s most watchable sport.” There’s still a lot of ground to cover before the inaugural 2020 season, but the test footage is certainly making this an enticing prospect, to say the least.

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