Airsoft Grenade Launcher

When Canada finally invades – armed to the teeth with flaming hockey sticks, firing slapshots of Canadian bacon at 93 mph – will you be ready? Start practicing now with the ICS GLM Airsoft Grenade Launcher.

This is a fully-functioning 6-round grenade launcher with an impact-resistant polymer frame, metallic revolving chambers that can house up to 6x 40mm Airsoft grenade shells (not included), and a fully integrated rail system. That last part means the installation of grips, lasers, and flashlights is simple. A nifty removable vertical foregrip is also included to enhance shooting stability. As we noted above, this weapon features revolving shell chambers which turn with every shot. BBs or not, the intimidation factor is high with this one. And that should be all it takes to send those Mounties back to Ontario. [Purchase]