Airmega Smart Air Purifier

Just because we can’t see all of the natural particles and synthetic pollutants in our home doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Those pesky pollutants most definitely are. The Airmega Smart Air Purifier, thankfully, is here to change that.

More than just being an efficient purifier that clears the air of 99% of organic compounds and pollutants, this bedside-table sized device comes with Alexa integration and an accompanying app. As a result, users can switch on their air-purifier by simply asking Alexa, and can check air quality real-time by taking a look at their Apple or Android phone. The app will also indicate when users should change out the Max2 Filter, and allows the purifier to be set at a variety of different modes for maximum energy savings. Right now you can pick one of these up in either black of white, rated for 1,560 or 1,256 square feet.

Purchase: $850