The AirHood Is an Innovative Gadget That Will De-Grease Your Kitchen

As one of the most overlooked appliances in any kitchen, a range fan can come in handy for an abundance of reasons, with maintaining cleanliness being the most important. However, many apartments and houses don’t come equipped with one, which often results in grease stains and cooking odors. Luckily, a unique new appliance by the name of AirHood is here to lend a helping hand in keeping kitchens tidy.

This portable range hood is built to tackle the irritating likes of grease, smoke, and odors from the moment you start cooking. It comes equipped with a detachable oil filter and an activated charcoal filter, the latter of which boasts cooking fume ventilating capabilities to help rid your cooking space of any lingering smells. As far as the oil filter is concerned, it captures any fat particles from the second your fire up the stove, preventing any pesky stains from accumulating.

Offered in both wireless and wired options, you can expect to get the most power out of the wired version, while the wireless version offers more flexibility and a 180-minute battery life. The AirHood also offers an adjustable height, ranging between 13.1″ and 15.1″, allowing people with taller stoves to make great use of it. Lastly’ it sports a beautiful retro-modern design and is available in a trio of colors, so you can tailor it to the rest of your kitchen.

Upon shattering its Kickstarter goal by over $60,000, the AirHood can be yours for a minimum pledge of $89. It’s set to arrive this October, so you’ll be able to keep your kitchen clean in time for any holiday get-togethers.

Kickstarter: $89+

Photo: The AirHood
Photo: The AirHood