Airbus’ MAVERIC Experimental Aircraft Cuts In-Flight Fuel Consumption By 20%

Aside from one-off aircraft that have been introduced over the last decade, the world of passenger-focused air travel hasn’t seen many innovative projects come to fruition. But that doesn’t mean that the prodigal minds at Airbus aren’t cognizant of the stagnation of the industry. To rouse and reignite the debate around contemporary (and futuristic) aircraft design, the company has revealed the MAVERIC Blended Wing — a small-scale model that promises to open a new door for experimental progression.

The MAVERIC (or Model Aircraft for Validation and Experimentation of Robust Innovative Controls) arrives as a small-scale replica of its proposed variant. Like something out of a futuristic flight simulator or space-oriented video game, the sleek airframe boasts an interesting silhouette to house its shielded propulsion system, reducing in-cabin noise and contributing to a more relaxing flight, overall. While its miniaturized stature is only a fragment of what Airbus’ endgame might look like, the company states that the aircraft’s curvaceous blended wing design will result in elaborate interior design principles, opening up the possibility of enhanced architecture, legroom, and wider aisles. But the most interesting aspect of the MAVERIC might just lie in its aerodynamic prowess, which seeks to cut carbon emissions and fuel consumption by up to 20-percent when compared to current single-aisle aircraft. Learn more on Airbus’ website.

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