Airborne Axe by Base Camp X

One can only imagine a sport like axe throwing arose when a few lumberjacks or vikings had some free hours on their hands and maybe a few too many beers in them. Whoever it was who first flung an axe at a tree for fun, they sure were onto something. Now both competitors and hobbyists still spend time throwing axes down-range at targets. They don’t just huck any old axe, however, they use sporting axes like Base Camp X’s Airbone.

With a beautiful thirty inch hickory handle attached to a three pound head that boasts a nine inch long width from tip to tip, you don’t have to know a whole lot about the sport of axe throwing to appreciate this thing. It has a bespoke steel double bit that is given a sharp but slightly rolled edge that makes us want to pick one up ourselves to heave at the closest tree. If you feel similarly inclined, you can get one for $245. [Purchase]