AirBolt Smart Travel Lock

We live in a world filled with great technological advancements, and seemingly everything is now a part of the internet of things. Now, you’ll be able to add your luggage lock to that list of connected devices, thanks to the AirBolt.

It’s a smart luggage lock that allows users to unlock and track their luggage from anywhere around the world. It’s entirely keyless, so even if someone were to steal your luggage, they’d have a hard time getting it open. You don’t have to remember any combinations, meaning you won’t have to worry about forgetting your combo. If you lose your luggage, and have the device attached to your bags, you’ll be able to track them down with the lock’s crowdsourced GPS. Of course, there are other applications aside from just luggage, such as placing it the liquor cabinet in your kitchen. The smart lock is available on Kickstarter for an early backer price of $60. [Purchase]

AirBolt Smart Travel Lock 2

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