Airboard Inflatable Sled

The snowy season isn’t all bad. You’ve got snowboarding, skiing, building snow sculptures and sledding. Now the age old activity of sledding gets a modern day update with the introduction of the Airboard inflatable sled.

Designed to make you feel like you’re hovering over the snow, Airboard was built for the kid in all of us. Piloting the sled is simple too, letting riders steer by shifting their weight from side to side, and when you’re ready to stop, turn your board at a 90-degree angle to your downhill direction. The sled is extremely lightweight and uses reinforced I-beams to absorb shock form the slope’s bumps and unevenness, providing a comfortable experience for the rider. This isn’t some cheap pool toy inflatable either. It’s crafted from high-quality polyurethane covered textiles, and has achieved a speed record of 77 miles per hour on the slopes. [Via | Purchase]

Airboard Inflatable Sled 2

Airboard Inflatable Sled 3

Airboard Inflatable Sled 4

Airboard Inflatable Sled 5

Airboard Inflatable Sled 6