AirBags Has Created The World’s First Line Of 2-In-1 Inflatable Sleeping Bags

If you’re trying to make the most of a camping trip, there are a few pieces of essential gear you’re going to need. That includes things like outdoor-friendly apparel, a tent, some means of building a campfire, and — of course — a sleeping bag. However, sleeping on the ground in just a bag can be super uncomfortable, which is why sleeping pads exist. Of course, that’s just another thing to forget, unless you’ve got yourself an AirBag inflatable sleeping bag.

The concept behind AirBags is actually pretty simple and straightforward, yet remarkably brilliant: combining all the benefits of sleeping bags and sleeping pads onto one convenient package while adding a few extra bonus features. And the execution is, simply put, genius — requiring just 5-10 breaths to inflate and only a couple seconds to deflate. You see, not only are these bags cozy and comfortable for temperatures as low as 15-degrees Fahrenheit (for the 3.0 version), but they’re also water-resistant, have better insulation than traditional bags, and even have an internal pocket for easy small-item storage. And that’s managed while adding only a tiny amount of weight when compared to other sleeping bags. Prices for the AirBags start at just $70 for the AirBag 1.0 and go up to $225 for the fully-featured AirBag 3.0. Back the project on Kickstarter now.

Kickstarter: $70+