Air OPUS Inflating Camper Trailer

While we love camping more than most other getaways, there’s one part of it that we just don’t enjoy. We’re talking, of course, about pitching a tent. Dealing with the ill-fitting canvas exteriors, trying to tame the long and unwieldy poles, and driving stakes into the unwilling ground can turn any campground oasis into a nightmare. But what if your tent could set itself up? Well, then you’d have the Air OPUS Camper Trailer.

Using a new invention that the brand is calling “Air Pole technology” this towable trailer opens up and self-inflates into a full-sized camping trailer in just 90 seconds. This is thanks to a simple system of air tubes – rather than stiff metal poles making up the skeleton of the tent – and a built-in electric pump. Just flip the switch and watch the tent go up in less than 90 seconds. Takedown is just as simple, only requiring you to release the valves and let the tent deflate. best of all, this clever pop-up also has a fully-featured kitchen, seating area, and built-in sleeping accommodations. No word on pricing just yet. [Purchase]