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AiM’s SmartyCamHD Rev 2.1 Is The Ultimate Track Day Action Cam

AiM Sports has long been a leading force in the motorsport world, producing some of the finest pieces of race instrumentation, data loggers, and other race peripherals from a myriad of the planet’s most elite motorcycle and auto factory racing teams. And while AiM already produces a wide array of top-shelf bullet and action cameras, the outfit has taken things one step further for 2020 with its new and improved SmartyCamHD Rev 2.1 action camera.

When paired with a GPS unit and an AiM data logger that’s connected to a vehicle’s ECU, the camera and its Race Studio 3 software are able to show real-time metrics for track position, lap time and number, speed, gear position, RPM, and acceleration, braking, and cornering forces. Machined from aluminum, extremely durable, and sporting a fully-weatherproof lateral door, the Rev 2.1 action cam also boasts a front-facing color TFT display and a proprietary telecentric lens developed specifically for motorsport that reduces distortion and the common “wave effect”. Priced at around a grand, the updated version of the cam also offers almost double the battery life of its predecessor, a CMOS sensor, and a feature that automatically begins recording at the start of a race and turns it off once you return to the pits, so you can keep focused on the track.

Purchase: $999