Aged & Ore DUO Cocktail Glass

There are a couple of things no home bar can go without: liquor and something in which to pour it. Everything else is secondary. That’s why you should give extra care to the glassware you select. And in our opinion, you could do a whole hell of a lot worse than Aged & Ore’s DUO Cocktail Glass.

Brilliantly designed, these glasses are hand-blown from durable borosilicate glass – a material known for its resistance to thermal shock. Furthermore, the double-wall structure of the DUO keeps condensation from gathering on the outside of the glass and keeps the liquid inside uninfluenced by the warmth of the hand holding it. The 10oz reservoir is also perfectly shaped to fit large ice orbs – which are excellent for keeping whiskey cool without over-diluting it. And finally, the unique ribbing on the inside of the glass actually doubles as ounce markers, so you can precisely judge how much you are pouring. This impressive glassware is on Kickstarter now starting at $36.

Kickstarter: $36+