Aftermaster Pro Audio Remastering Device

Whether you’re watching a captivating film on your HD TV or jamming to your life’s soundtrack for the day, the level of audio clarity can make or break the experience. It’s especially annoying when the dialogue is too low, yet the the sound effects are deafening. Luckily, the music and audio tech veterans at Aftermaster Audio Labs have created the Aftermaster Pro, a personal audio re-mastering device that takes care of that uneven sound.

Hook this up to your TV and it will instantly improve the quality of the audio, with or without sound bars or aftermarket sound systems. It’s compatible with a variety of tech too, including a standard cable or satellite box, Apple TV, Roku, laptops and even gaming consoles. However, external connections are required in order for the programming to be remastered by this device. Aftermaster Audio Lab’s proprietary ‘Digital Signal Processing’ chip with ‘ON Semiconductor,’ along with their ‘Belasigna 300 AM chip,’ allows the device to improve sound drastically throughout the entire frequency range so that you’ll never get uneven audio, even when you have a bad signal. It’s also portable, with a built-in rechargeable battery, so you can take it with you for use with your tablets and smartphones. Pick one up now in one of the three colorways.

Purchase: $200