AFO Fire Extinguisher Ball

Those who have been unlucky enough to see it first hand know how quickly a home or building can go up in flames. One of the fastest ways to fight back? The AFO Fire Ball.

This self activating device is engineered to put out ordinary fires, flammable liquid fires, and even energized electric fires in just seconds. All you have to do is roll or toss it toward the flames and the ball will quickly explode, covering an area of 86 to 107 square feet with a heavy chemical retardant. Once the non-toxic material is spread, the fire will be completely extinguished, or at the very least made much more manageable to try and fight with a traditional fire extinguisher. And thanks to the relative light weight – just three pounds – anyone in your home or office can operate it with total ease. Who would’ve thought that explosions help prevent damage, not cause them?

Purchase: $80