AETHER & Veldt Tap 13 Different Artists For A Unique Moto Helmet Collection

Protective motorcycle gear has the inherent ability to enamor or disgust. It’s either well-designed, well-implemented, and suave, or it’s something else, entirely. Yet, some companies have a knack for artistry, gifting the moto world with suites of gear that are both eye-catching, and purposeful. Veldt — a long-time proprietor of luxurious, artisanal helmets — is one such outfit. And now, they’ve partnered with AETHER for an interesting collection of creative gear pieces.

The latest AETHER x Veldt Artist Motorcycle Helmet capsule consists of 13 different colorways, each of which is unique to its hand-selected artists. But the collaboration isn’t just a spur of the moment thing. Instead, it’s been conceptualized as the perfect opportunity to benefit Riders for Health, a nonprofit organization that trades heavily in the support of Africa’s healthcare system through motorcycle courier services. As such, each helmet takes on the creative identity of the artist behind it — including the likes of Rudy Shepherd, Leah Tinari, Tamara Gayer, Mark Mulroney, Alessandra Exposito, and Damien Davis — with proceeds directly supporting vaccinations, emergency services, and medicine in the continent’s fight against AIDS. Head to AETHER’s website for more information; and while you’re there, pick up a helmet of your own for $2,500.

Purchase: $2,500