Aether’s GORE-TEX Moto Jacket Is All About Function And Form

Aether has quickly become a go-to proprietor for some of the world’s best outdoor gear, and their recent contributions to the market have only served to elaborate on the already-staunch standard they’ve set for themselves. Now, the newly introduced Divide Motorcycle Jacket seeks to take the company’s protective garb to a new echelon.

While most motorcycle jackets are designed specifically for short jaunts, afternoon rides, and minimal wear, Aether’s comfortable, heritage-inspired Divide seeks to become the rider’s go-to article of clothing. It features everything you’d expect from the experienced outdoor brand, including a GORE-TEX Pro fabric construction, extensive venting for adaptable cooling, D3O padding in the most vital parts of the jacket, and a lifetime warranty. A neck gaiter and glove-approved wrist snaps work together to keep the elements out, while a seam welded, abrasion resistant, and waterproof silhouette gives you peace of mind when heading out on your two-wheeled steed to battle the elements. Better yet, the Divide can also be paired with Aether’s specialized riding pant via a zipper, giving you access to an all-encompassing bodysuit, should you feel the need to be extra careful.

Purchase: $995