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The Ultra-Tough D3O-Armored ‘Dalton’ Is AETHER’s First-Ever Sneaker

AETHER has made quite the name for itself within the worlds of urban and outdoor exploration, thanks to its undeniable literacy in design, its commitment to cutting-edge construction, and its drive for unparalleled comfort. While the brand has consistently implemented these aspects throughout its expansive footwear catalog, fans of the company have voiced their interest in a bespoke model built for urban traversal, and now, the brand has finally answered the community’s resounding call with its first-ever sneaker, the “Dalton.”

Aside from the Dalton’s impeccable construction, comfortable orientation, and clean lines, the shoe stays admittedly true to AETHER’s utilitarian formula. Calling upon its cutting-edge motorcycle collection for inspiration, the brand has found a way to implement D3O®’s industry-leading impact protection, proprietary technologies, and shock-absorbing materials into its latest high-top shoe. Each example is crafted from soft, supple Italian leather, and adopts a suite of premium components, including bi-color, natural rubber soles, webbing-reinforced back tabs, color-accented eyelets, and reinforced stitching for a lifetime of dependable wear. Inside, a selection of padded peripherals, including the shoe’s tongue and opening, complement its comfort-focused Japanese leather lining. Head to AETHER’s website to pick up your own in Onyx, Nordic Navy, or Duffle Green for $325.

Purchase: $325