Aether Celebrates 10 Years With A Reissue Of The Iconic Space Hoodie

Every company has a duty to remember its humble beginnings, whether that be a product, garment, or idea. For Aether, it all started with the Space Hoodie — a low-profile jacket that found instant success within the realm of minimalist technical wear, thanks to its unique design, capable fabrics, and lightweight construction. Now, to celebrate the company’s 10th Anniversary, they’re reintroducing the flagship with the new and improved Space Hoodie 2.0.

The Space Hoodie 2.0 pays homage to its predecessor in a number of ways, retaining its sleek-but-subtle design terminology, understated silhouette, and commitment to packable use. Not only does the second iteration of the brand’s famed garment harken back to the “jacket that started it all,” it elaborates on the original through the implementation of 60 grams of PrimaLoft GOLD insulation, a shell, and liner made from matte ripstop fabric, and a built-in hood for exceptionally cold outings. If you weren’t around for the release of the initial Space Hoodie, now’s your perfect chance to pick up one of the most lauded outerwear pieces of the past decade. Head to the company’s website to grab your own for just $295.

Purchase: $295