Aer Travel Pack

Just about two years ago now Aer jumped on Kickstarter with a bag that they believed was the ideal solution for carrying office and gym essentials. The response was overwhelmingly positive, their project was funded, and as a result – a company was given its legs. Since then the San Francisco bag maker has turned out a handful of new bags, one for the gym, one for light carry, and now they’re back with one designed specifically for travel, the Travel Pack.

With a bevy of different compartments to choose from, organizing and packing your clothes and gear for an overnight trip has never been easier. With a main storage area that features a clamshell opening design, neatly organizing and folding a couple changes of clothes is simple and straightforward. A front organizing panel zips open for quick access to books, magazines, pens, or keys, while you can store your more valuable materials in a secure top-pouch. Built to meet modern carry-on size limits and featuring cinch-straps, you won’t have to worry about overstuffing your pack and having to check your bag. If you are the type of guy who likes to bring along a change of shoes, Aer made sure to include their innovative shoe compartment at the bottom of the pack as well. As of this posting, prices are starting at just under $160. [Purchase]

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