Adventure VW T3 Syncro Van

The thing that no one tells you about being free and wild is how much hard work it is. For professional mountain biker Rob Heran, it took more than two years to completely refurbish his brilliant Adventure VW Syncro Van.

After purchasing the old 4WD military vehicle in 2007 for roughly $6,000, Heran drove it around for 6 years, not quite taking care of it. After the wear and tear of driving it around became evident, he decided to take a couple weeks to fix it up. More than two years later, the car has been rebuilt practically from the ground up with new parts. The engine has been replaced with a more modern 120 horsepower TDI engine, the interior features all new roof and side panels, new instrument panels, and top quality Recaro seating. In addition to these nice interior touches the old VW got a serious paint job and some solar panels to help charge the components when Heran’s adventures take him far off the grid. Of course, one of the most stand out features of the whole vehicle is the Heimplanet inflatable tent that sets up beautifully on top of the car’s roof. Car camping has never looked so good.

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