Adventure Vehicle Rentals

We cover a lot of adventure vehicles on this website, and most if not all of them are expensive. For many of us, prohibitively so. But that still doesn’t mean you can’t ever get out there and jam around in the wilderness in a fully stocked rig. Thanks to Adventure Travel Sports Rentals you can Rent your very own Adventure vehicle without having to put a huge dent in your piggy bank.

Based out of Boulder, Colorado this company lets you pick from a list of vans built for rambling through the difficult backcountry. Whether your idea of a great time includes heading out behind the wheel of a Toyota Land Cruiser, a Jeep Rubicon, a larger Tiger Bengal, or Sportsmobile – they have it for you to reserve and rent. More than just give you the keys and saying ‘go’, the team at Adventure Travel Sports Rentals takes the time to help you plan out your trip. Thanks to included fridges, sleeping spaces, cooking equipment, and more – you’ll be good to go for days on end. Prices are available on request. [H/T: BlessThisStuff]
Purchase: $150+