Adventure Mat

We’ve all preformed this balancing act at some point in time – you’ve walked back to your car from the beach, you’re trying change out of your wetsuit and back into pants or shorts, all while stepping on the tops of your shoes. This is, to say the least, far from ideal. Thankfully, it looks like outdoorsman Ralph Kuhlmeier has come up with a solution – something he is calling the Adventure Mat.

It is as simple as it sounds. As soon as you come back to the car from a long ride or run, just flip your wrist and the 6.5 by 6.5 inch antimicrobial mat unfolds itself presenting a large 20 by 20 inch surface on which you can change on. As soon as you are ready to head back out, simply pull on the hand hold and it’ll fold in on itself in a way that ensures no part of the dirty side of the mat gets on the clean side. If you can get over the frustration of not having invented this yourself – you can purchase it for $32. [Purchase]