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Adrenaline Junkies Turned A BMW K1200 Tourer Into A Militaristic Moto

First introduced in 1999, the BMW K1200 LT was a luxury tourer designed to take on the venerable Honda Goldwing. With a weight just shy of 800lbs and a wheelbase stretching 64 inches long, it’s not exactly a platform you’d call popular amongst motorcycle builders. But clearly the boys at Greece’s Adrenaline Junkies Workshop don’t play by the rules, as evidenced by this sweet custom K.

Gone are the hulking fairings, ungainly tank, and cumbersome bags; instead, this tourer dons a new tank in olive drab, as well as a custom-fabbed mesh flyscreen and some matching body panels for a minimalist military aesthetic. Take a look upfront and you’ll find that the headlight unit has been ditched in favor of a pair of screened PIAA halogen lamps and some side-mounted running lights. But that’s not all — the cockpit has also received a complete overhaul, with mid-rise scrambler bars, improved touchpoints, and a smaller speedo unit. And when it comes to performance mods, Adrenaline Junkies swapped out the bulky airbox for a set of pod filters and the stock exhaust for a tidy 4-into-2 system. Finishing up the build is a hex quilted seat and a tiny license plate-mounted taillight.

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