Adobe’s Photoshop App Brings Top-Tier Editing To Your Smartphone

Editing photos for use on social media is nothing new, and thanks to smartphone-based apps like VSCO, Afterlight, and Instagram, the power of visual marketing has never been stronger. While a handful of companies have dominated the mobile editing space over the recent decade, the professional behemoth known as Adobe Photoshop has remained withdrawn — until now.

In a recent release, Adobe revealed that the powerful photo-oriented software would be made available through the app store for both Android and iOS devices, gifting a similar experience to the company’s computer-based flagship. Photoshop Camera, as the app has been dubbed, is a breakthrough induction that’s been catered toward aspiring designers, and users who can utilize the portable software to the full extent, bringing the original’s intuitive design, user-friendly interface, and powerful tools to the masses. In effect, photo editing happens entirely on your handheld device and can be exported in Photoshop’s proprietary PSD format for fine-tuning at a later date. The best part? The app will launch for free via the app store next year as an encapsulated offering, working alongside the company’s subscription-based Creative Cloud suite to keep creative expression within arm’s reach. And if you’re more of a tablet editor, they’re finally bringing the software to the iPad, as well.

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