Adobe Lost Bauhaus Typography

Anybody interested in design knows that typography from Bauhaus Dessau is legendary. With simple, yet striking, geometric forms and expressive colors, their typography conveys a clear, lasting message, which is why they were used in many iconic ad layouts, album covers and political posters. After almost a century, original typography sketches and unpublished letter fragments from the Bauhaus School of Design were rediscovered and are being prepped for use by today’s creative minds through Adobe’s newly launched Hidden Treasures project.

Five amazing alphabets have been scrupulously completed and digitized by a relentless international team of students led by famed type designer, Erik Spiekermann. As of right now, two fonts are available exclusively for Creative Cloud members. The first of the two is titled ‘Joschmi,’ and was originally created by Joost Schmidt, famous for the poster design of the 1923 Bauhaus Exhibition in Weimar, Germany. The bold sans serif typeface of ‘Joschmi’ has a very distinct vertical line going down each letter, resembling stencil blocks. The second typeface, titled ‘Xants,’ is by Xanti Schawinsky, a multi-talented artist who did artwork for major brands, including Cinzano and Motta. This particular typeface is thinner, with a more curvy and linear look. There are three more font sets coming and we’re eagerly waiting to see them.

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