Adidas & Parley Rejoin For The Sustainably-Focused ‘4D Parley’ Sneaker

Over the tenure of their relationship, Adidas and Parley have opted to turn the sneaker world on its head with a steady stream of innovative (and sustainable) releases. Despite a lull in creative production practices, the pair has once again gifted the genre a sleek, athletically-inclined sneaker catered toward running — the 4D Parley.

In many ways, the 4D Parley is similar to the plentiful array of Adidas collaborations that have arrived before it, adopting a recognizable silhouette, a shadowy black/blue exterior, and a unique midsole that promotes enhanced energy return. To keep the shoe as sustainable as possible, the brand has turned to long-time partner, Parley, for the implementation of its specialized yarn upper, honoring the pair’s first recycled running shoe, which made its debut at the United Nations over five years ago. Each 4D variant boasts a precisely-tuned lattice midsole, a Stretchweb rubber outsole, and a unique “Blue Spirit” stitch that gives it an alluring aura while on-foot. Head to Adidas’ website, where the 4D Parley will be available on August 7 for $200, for more info.

Purchase: $200