Adidas Tubular Radial ‘Fleece’

Feb 29, 2016

Category: Style

From the Doom, to the X, to the Nova, Adidas’ original Tubular runner design has spawned a huge number of new colorways and silhouettes. Now the Tubular’s newest iteration, the Tubular Radial, is coming in a brand new fleece look.

While these aren’t actually made out of fleece, the heathered neoprene rubber top simply mimics the look and feel of the fabric with its grey and charcoal design. In addition to the neoprene, the suede toe paneling and heel on this shoe are attached to a elastane nylon midfoot strap for a modern lace-up look. All of these elements come together to make a great looking sneaker. Adidas just keeps knocking them out of the park. You can pick up a pair starting for $120. [Purchase]

Adidas Tubular Radical 'Fleece' 1

Adidas Tubular Radical 'Fleece' 2

Adidas Tubular Radical 'Fleece' 3

Adidas Tubular Radical 'Fleece' 4

Adidas Tubular Radical 'Fleece' 5

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