Adidas Redesigned Its Samba Sneaker To Be The Ultimate Bike Commuter Shoe

Riding with clipless pedals offers a number of advantages over a standard platform setup, including improved efficiency, more power transfer, and even better bike control. However, cleat compatibility usually comes at the expense of style, meaning that if you’re after a pair of shoes offering even a remotely city-ready aesthetic, the options are few and far between.

At least they were until Adidas dropped its latest sneaker. Dubbed ‘The Velosamba,’ it’s essentially a cycling-specific redesign of the iconic Samba soccer shoe. In practice, this means that in addition to its classic leather upper and gum rubber outsole, it’s also been given a full-length internal plate for stability and a cutout for mounting two-bolt cleats. What’s more, Adidas has finished it off with a water-resistant coating for all-weather riding and some reflective detailing on the heel and stripes to keep you seen. So, whether you’re on the bike or walking the street, The Velosamba will be right at home. You can buy them now for $120 at the link below.

Purchase: $120