Adidas Terrex X-King

Trail running isn’t that different from mountain biking when you think about it. Sure, one requires a bike – but both activities are critically reliant on grip and control. After noticing the similarities, designers at both Adidas and Continental figured they could come up with a shoe that combined technology from both sports. The result? The Terrex X-King.

This trail running shoe uses the already existing technology from Continental’s most popular tire, the X-King, and seals it onto a lightweight and breathable upper. Without the insole, this shoe is incredibly flexible, and with it – it acts like an exceptionally lightweight but supportive runner. Each pair is also outfitted with a pair of lugs built for penetrating into the ground just far enough for a stellar grip while also reducing the chance of rolling your ankle. You can pick these up in the next few months for around $160. [Purchase]

Adidas Terrex X-King 1

Adidas Terrex X-King 2