These 3D-Printed adidas Sports Shades Tip The Scales At A Scant 20 Grams

As 3D printing has grown increasingly robust in its capabilities, more and more manufacturers have begun recognizing its potential and applying the technology in their own products. adidas, for example, revolutionized the sneaker industry back in 2017 with its forward-thinking 4D running shoes. As if that wasn’t enough, though, the Three Stripes has done it again.

Meet the ‘3D CMPT,’ a pair of 3D-printed sports sunglasses that are as eye-catching in look as they are cutting-edge in function. Developed in collaboration with the Marcolin Group, they feature a flexible nylon lattice structure with a series of vents dotting the surface. In practice, this means that they’re incredibly light and also exceptionally breezy, weighing in at a mere 20 grams whilst offering some next-level airflow. When you consider that they also come with a grippy rubber coating and a set of non-slip nose pads and end tips, the result is a pair of shades that are sure to usher in a new era of eyewear performance. adidas Club Members will be able to buy the 3D CMPT for $415 starting August 23rd.

Purchase: $415

Photo: adidas