Adidas Gives Its Predator Cleats More DEMONSKIN & A New Split Collar Design

This time last year, Adidas updated its Predator soccer cleat with an innovative new upper technology known as DEMONSKIN. Designed to improve athletes’ control during play, it utilized an assortment of carefully-placed spikes to create a larger effective contact area between the shoe and ball. Suffice to say, we’d never seen anything quite like it.

For 2021, Adidas has updated the series with a new model it’s calling the Predator Freak. Like its predecessor, it features a computer-calibrated DEMONSKIN upper. However, this time, it’s been treated to full 360° coverage with direct input from elite athletes. In practice, this means that it’ll allow for more control than ever along with some increased ball swerve to boot. And when it comes to the shoe’s silhouette, Adidas has given the Predator a major overhaul. For instance, the Freak now features a new split-cut collar design that allows for both a greater range of movement as well as a better fit for a variety of different foot shapes. Add to that a two-piece sock bootie and a lightweight CONTROLEFRAME outsole, and the result is a shoe that’s primed to put you at the top of the food chain. Grab a pair today for $250.

Purchase: $250