adidas’ ‘Made To Be Remade’ Ultraboosts Can Be Recycled Into A New Pair Of Shoes

adidas originally released its Futurecraft.Loop running shoe back in 2019 to a select group of 200 wear testers. At the time, it was the first footwear of its kind, for it boasted a reusable construction that was designed to be turned into another pair of shoes at the end of its lifespan. However, for all of its innovation, the Futurecraft.Loop has never come up for public sale, taking something of a back seat as the Three Stripes has rounded out the rest of its sustainable silhouettes.

Until now. With the launch of its ‘Made To Be Remade Ultraboost,’ adidas is finally bringing its fully-recyclable footwear to market — just in time for Earth Day 2021. Like the Futurecraft.Loop, they’re crafted from previously-used TPU-based materials, forgoing both dyes and glues in order to make the sneakers easier to repurpose. What’s more, they feature a scannable QR code on the tongue, allowing wearers to interact with the experience and find the best place to return their Ultraboosts once they’re past their prime. But the best part is that despite their eco-conscious components, the shoes still incorporate adidas’ latest and greatest, such as a sock-like Primeknit upper and a super-plush Boost midsole. They’re available now for $180.

Purchase: $180